RexVivePro Red Light Therapy Facial Massager


RexVivePro Red Light Therapy Facial Massager

Award-winning skincare

Backed by science and dermatologist-approved, you’ll get glowing skin with our easy to use skincare devices. Recently voted #1 skincare tool of 2021 by The Zoe Report.

4-in-1 skincare tool, backed by science

Red/Blue Light Therapy

Optimal range of LED light at 660nm helps deeply rejuvenate the skin and improve the appearance and vibrance of the skin.

Therapeutic Warmth

Warming massager helps to increase the absorption of skin care products, reduce redness, improve lymphatic drainage and support healthy, glowing skin.


Microcurrent uses low-voltage energy to stimulate the muscles and deeper layers of the skin, helping with signs of aging and promoting smooth, healthy skin.

 Facial Massage

Low-vibration provides a gentle massage, helping decrease the appearance of puffiness and boosting the skin’s natural radiance.

Real Customer Results

“It’s no secret that I have been on the skin struggle bus for, well…years. THIS amazing beauty is a GAME CHANGER!!! Pictures taken in normal bathroom lighting with my phone, NO makeup, NO filter.”
Melanie, 41

“SolaWave has given me back confidence! Covid has been so stressful and it’s definitely shown in my face, so if anything I should be thank you guys!”
Ashley, 31
“After my esthetician recommended SolaWave to me, I took the plunge and its made such an improvement in my skin”
Liz, 69

Science backed

Established technology

Real results, fast

Since lymph nodes are found all over the body, RexViveProis an all-in-one detox device. RexVivePro works by electrically stimulating the lymph nodes located on your neck. There is no set frequency for how often you should undergo electric lymphatic drainage but it is recommended to do it as frequently as needed if you have problems with your lymph nodes. 

RexVivePro contains negative ions that loosen waste from your cells and organs stop blockages and improve circulation. It is a non-invasive and restorative way to ensure your body is constantly detoxing. Additionally, electrical stimulation is a great way to improve skin and muscle firmness which leads to your skin looking younger and tighter.

RexVivePro works in two modes

Blue Light Mode 

  • Oil control
  • Decreases enlarged glands
  • Improves sun spots
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-Acne
  • Anti-Blackheads and whiteheads
  • Anti-cancer 
  • Targets general conditions that occur in the dermis

Red Light Mode 

  • Stimulates collagen synthesis by increasing fibroblast production
  • Improves skin strength, structure, and elasticity 
  • Reduces inflammation in skin cells
  • Improves wound healing
  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks
  • Improves acne
  • Improves sun-damaged skin
  • Improves psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema

Does RexVivePro include a warranty?

All RexVivePro purchases include a 1-year limited warranty that covers replacement & repairs due to malfunctions & manufacturing defects. It does not cover wear & tear, theft, or accidental damage.

Package Includes

  • RexVivePro Red Light Therapy Facial Massager
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