NOWORDUP™ 3s PlateFlipper Car License Plate Frame

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NOWORDUP™ 3s PlateFlipper Car License Plate Frame

Making a statement, one plate at a time.

Do you want a new way to impress your friends? Do you like to be prepared for any high-speed chase scenario? Well now, you can live out those dreams and potentially more!?

Perhaps you have seen the movies such as James Bond or Transporter which used a rotating license plate installed on their cars, now you can have a similar device on your car. Our iRosesilk? 3s PlateFlipper Car License Plate Frame allows two license plates, with a push of a button, to rotate 180 degrees, changing one number into another within seconds. Stop looking around, you won’t find these unique plate flippers selling anywhere else.?

This product is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little extra flair to accessorize their truck or car. Whether you¡¯re looking to play a prank on your friends or you¡¯re just trying to be prepared for any situation, this license plate flipper is perfect for you. With easy installation and operation, you¡¯ll be flipping your plates in no time. So don¡¯t wait any longer, order your own flip-up license plate today!

Features & Highlights

??Instant Privacy Control (Flip in 3 seconds)

The car plate flipper typically consists of a mechanism that can rotate or flip the license plate, allowing it to be hidden from view or revealed as needed. By activating the device, the license plate can be quickly flipped to either display or conceal the plate within approximately three seconds. The purpose of this device is to offer privacy and protection to the vehicle owner. It can be particularly useful in situations where privacy is desired, such as when parking in public areas or when there is a need to temporarily obscure the license plate for security reasons.


? Conceal with another plate

Allows the user to hide their existing license plate and replace it with a different plate. This feature provides an additional layer of privacy and anonymity for the vehicle owner. With this type of car plate flipper, the device is designed to securely hold and display a secondary license plate. When activated, the mechanism flips or rotates the current license plate, concealing it from view, and simultaneously reveals the alternate plate in its place.

Item Specification:

  • Input voltage: DC 12V
  • Power Rate: 2W
  • Control Distance: 50M
  • Frame?size:?US 30*15 CM, EU/UK 52*11 CM, AU 37*13 CM
    Frame?size (Motorbike):??US 18*10 CM, EU 22*20 CM, UK 23*28 CM, AU 25*10 CM
  • Frame depth:?25mm (1″)
  • Fits most makes and models:?Some makes and models may require slight modification, e.g relocation of backup camera, as the PlateFlipper is thicker than other styles??(**Please check dimensions)

Q & A

1. Is this street legal?

Our plates covers are intended for off-road use only. It’s up to the buyer to research their local laws to determine if our covers are allowed on public roads.?By purchasing any aftermarket performance product, the customer takes full responsibility for any use, and/or misuse of the product.

2. Do I have to do any electrical work or wiring?

No! Our plates are direct plug and play. Just plug it into any 12V accessory outlet in your car.

3. How to use?

There are 4 buttons on the Remote: 1 power button and 3 control buttons (A, B, A/B);

  • Press power button, The LED indicator lights up, at the same time, indicators for the 3 control buttons turn red. When you press the control buttons, the flip frame will turn.
  • A Button: Controls font frame. Press ONE time, the front frame will turn ONE time, Press A button again, the front frame will turn back to its initial state.
  • B button: Controls back frame.?Similar to above
  • A/B button: Controls both frame at the same time (For Double kit only).
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