SkinNu 7-Colors LED Photon Therapy Facial Mask


SkinNu 7-Colors LED Photon Therapy Facial Mask

Hear What Our Happy and Satisfied Customers Jenny Miller and Avery Johnson Say About SkinNu

‚ÄúI’m not one of those people who spends a ton of time getting facials or doing other skin care stuff‚ÄĒI mean, I like taking care of myself and all, but I also like being able to have enough time to actually enjoy my life. When I saw this mask online¬† that said “facial,” I thought, “Well, that sounds nice.” But then when I went home, put it on my face, and realized what it was actually doing‚ÄĒI was blown away. It was like a little miracle worker! It took about 10 minutes for me to feel like all the pores in my face had been unclogged. My face felt so smooth after using this mask‚ÄĒit was incredible! And now every time I use it (which is basically every day now), my skin looks healthier than ever before.‚Ä̬†– Jenny., 34, Colorado –¬†

“I got the SkinNu 7-Colors LED Photon Therapy Facial Mask and I am LOVING it! It makes my skin look so smooth and even, and I feel like the redness in my cheeks has been reduced. The mask is very easy to use, and it’s super relaxing. I would recommend this for anyone who wants a great skincare experience.”¬†– Avery., 37, Washington –¬†

How Do You Feel About the Way Your Skin Looks?

Why is it that some people have flawless skin while others struggle with acne? There are many factors that contribute to the appearance of your skin. Genetics, diet, exercise, and stress levels all play a role in how your skin looks. However, you can also do many things to improve how your skin looks naturally.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it’s not just about covering up¬†blemishes¬†or looking young. Your skin is the gateway to your body, which means that how you treat it can be a sign of how you treat yourself. When you take care of your skin, you’re taking care of yourself‚ÄĒand that’s good for both mind and body.

According to studies, up to 80% of people say they feel self-conscious about the way their skin looks. The most common complaints are acne and other blemishes, dark spots or discoloration, dryness, redness, and uneven texture.


What Makes Our Skin?

Our skin is the largest organ of the body, and it serves a variety of functions. It protects our bodies from pathogens and harmful substances, regulates body temperature, and helps us sense our surroundings.

The¬†epidermis¬†is the top layer, it’s¬†made up of dead cells¬†that are constantly shedding and being replaced by new ones. The thickness of this layer varies depending on where you are on your body, with places like the soles of your feet having as little as 0.1 mm of the epidermis.

The dermis is the middle layer and consists mostly of connective tissues like collagen and elastin. It also contains nerve endings, blood vessels, and sweat glands that help to regulate our body temperature. The dermis provides support for the epidermis while also allowing it to breathe and absorb nutrients from other layers in the body.

The subcutaneous layer¬†(also known as hypodermis) is the¬†deepest layer of our skin; it contains¬†fat cells that act as insulation¬†for our bodies so they don’t lose heat too quickly during cold weather conditions outside.

How Does Phototherapy Work For The Skin?

Phototherapy is a technique that uses certain types of light to treat multiple skin problems. It has been used for centuries, but modern phototherapy is a relatively new field that has only been studied in depth since the early 20th century. Phototherapy also known as Light Therapy is one of the many ways you can treat signs of aging, acne breakouts, and inflammation. By exposing your skin to UV light, you can kill off stubborn bacteria and repair tissue damage.


  1. Turn on your SkinNu 7-Colors LED Photon Therapy Facial Mask.
  2. Attach the SkinNu 7-Colors LED Photon Therapy Facial Mask To your face with the included strap.
  3. Press the button on the
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    to turn it on and begin treatment.
  4. Sit back and enjoy!


  • Item Type: LED Mask Facial
  • Color: White
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight:290g
  • Power:12W 5V
  • Light:90*3 LEDs
  • Battery capacity:1200mAh
  • Charging time:2-3 hours
  • Using time:40-50 minutes
  • Size:24*19cm/9.45*7.48in

Product Includes

  • SkinNu 7-Colors LED Photon Therapy Facial Mask
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