Magic Solid Nail Glue Kit 3-In-1 Nail Art Kits


Magic Solid Nail Glue Kit 3-In-1 Nail Art Kits

Elevate your nail game with our Strong Lasting Nail Glue Gel. Specially formulated for press-on nails, this adhesive ensures a durable and reliable bond. Enjoy long-lasting, salon-quality results from the comfort of your home.



SUPERIOR ADHESION: Our nail glue gel offers superior adhesion, securely bonding your press-on nails to your natural nails. It provides a strong hold that withstands daily activities, ensuring your nails stay intact without any lifting or shifting.

LONG-LASTING HOLD: With this nail glue gel, you can enjoy long-lasting wear. It keeps your press-on nails firmly in place for weeks, allowing you to flaunt your gorgeous nails without worrying about them coming off prematurely.

QUICK AND EASY APPLICATION: Applying this nail glue gel is a breeze. The gel tube design allows for precise and mess-free application, ensuring optimal coverage on each nail. It dries quickly, saving you time and allowing you to get back to your busy schedule.

GENTLE ON NATURAL NAILS: Our nail glue gel is formulated to be gentle on your natural nails. It doesn’t cause damage or weaken your nails, providing a safe and comfortable experience. You can confidently wear your press-on nails knowing that your natural nails are well taken care of.

VERSATILE USE: This nail glue gel is perfect for various nail art applications. Whether you’re using it for press-on nails, nail tips, or nail embellishments, it provides a reliable and strong bond. Achieve stunning nail designs with confidence and ease.


Type: Strong Lasting Nail Glue Gel for Nail Tip Press on Nails

Volume: 30ml

Size: 13.5*3.8CM

Suitable for: Press-on nails, nail tips, nail art embellishments

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