Mini Dual-purpose Curling Iron

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Mini Dual-purpose Curling Iron

Get gorgeous curls and waves anytime and  anywhere with our hair iron. This portable and innovative styling tool is a must-have for all hair enthusiasts. Whether you’re traveling, attending events, or simply want to refresh your hairstyle on the go, our hair iron is the perfect solution. The dual-purpose design allows you to switch between curling hair and straight hair, giving you endless styling possibilities. With its compact size and advanced heating technology, you can achieve professional-quality results in minutes. Don’t compromise on style while on the move—choose our Mini Dual-purpose Curling Iron for flawless curls wherever you are.

Key Features

Compact and portable: It’s very compact and portable, and it can be packed in a bag like lipstick.

Dual-use for straight hair and curly hair: whether it is smooth and natural straight hair or fluffy curly hair, it can meet the needs

Ceramic glaze: The ceramic glaze-coated heating panel has good thermal conductivity, which can heat the hair evenly without harming it. Help you create a smooth and shiny fashion look.

3D floating panel: The product adopts a floating heating panel, which can automatically make the hair evenly distributed. This can make the ironing process very smooth and make your hair say goodbye to roughness.

10W low power + USB: It is safe and consumes low energy, so you can use it with ease. At the same time, it is suitable for a variety of USB power supply types, such as mobile power supplies, notebook computers, and so on.

Anti-scalding design: The body adopts a strong nylon shell, which is high temperature resistant and can prevent you from being scalded.


Size:17*0.2*2.2 CM

Net weight: 53G

Thermal conductivity material: environmentally friendly alloy

Shell process: injection molding

Optimal ironing time: 3–5 minutes

Rated power: 10W

Input requirements: 5V=2A

Package Includes

1* curling iron + charging cable + manual

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