Universal Mild Formula Pet Deodorizing Spray


Universal Mild Formula Pet Deodorizing Spray



ELIMINATES ODORS: This pet deodorizing spray effectively eliminates unwanted odors, leaving your furry friend smelling fresh and clean.

MILD FORMULA: Made with transparent color and natural, non-irritating ingredients, this product ensures a comfortable and gentle experience for pets.

LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE: The spray provides a long-lasting fragrance that helps to neutralize odors and keep your pet smelling great for an extended period. Enjoy a pleasant and inviting scent that lingers.

MULTI-PURPOSE USE: Suitable for use on pets, pet’s bedding, carpets, and other surfaces to eliminate pet odors throughout your home.

EASY APPLICATION: The convenient spray bottle design allows for easy and even application. Simply spray directly onto the surface to be deodorized.


Volume: 500 ml

Scope of application: General purpose

Package Included:1* Universal Mild Formula Pet Deodorizing Spray

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