SAKER® Cordless Rotary Tool Kit

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SAKER® Cordless Rotary Tool Kit

Elevate your DIY projects with our Cordless Rotary Tool Kit. Lightweight and powerful, it offers precision and comfort akin to holding a pen. With multiple attachments suited for various tasks, it’s your go-to for crafting perfection.


COMPACT LIGHTWEIGHT – The cordless rotary tool is small and lightweight but powerful, when you use it it’s like holding a pen for ultimate control and precision as well as comfort. Note: Different tool attachments are suitable for different collets.

TYPE-C QUICK CHARGE – The cordless rotary tool is equipped with a 4V rechargeable battery, which can be used multiple times on a single charge, with stress-free battery life. The battery-powered rotary tool lets you get your work done in a snap.

MULTI-PURPOSE ROTARY TOOL SET – High performance and low noise rotary tool combined with 61 most popular electric rotary tool accessories for DIY finishing, this electric rotary tool is suitable for carving, sanding, grinding, polishing or cutting, and it’s an ideal tool for making resin crafts. It is like a toolbox, convenient and practical. Note: Not suitable for heavy-duty

ROTARY DRILL WITH LED INDICATOR – The upgraded compact cordless rotary tool is designed with LED blind illumination, which reduces backlight shadows and overcomes the adverse effects of dark areas on the use of resin drills. This will provide you with a better experience and more accurate work

FIVE-SPEED ADJUSTABLE SPEED – The cordless rotary tool can achieve five-speed adjustment (5000/7000/9000/12000/15000RPM), which is convenient to adjust to the right speed to meet the power demand in different scenarios. It allows you to perform segmented sanding safely and carefully. Even people without any experience can easily get started and control the speed with ease. Miniature rotary tools for your creations!


Colors: Orange, Blue, Pink

Speed: 5000-15000r/min

Support range: 0.5-3.2mm

Rated voltage: 3.7V

Size: 150 * 25mm

Power: 18W


1 * Cordless Rotary Tool

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