Reflective Car Wheel Rim Stickers

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Reflective Car Wheel Rim Stickers

Strong Reflective Design:Visible at 300 meters, the stronger the light, the brighter it is.This car stickers is made of strong reflective material, when strong light shines on the car decals, it will have a surprising reflective effect.

Good Material: High quality. Rigid PVC material makes this car reflective stickers more beautiful and durable, with high viscosity, strong adhesion, waterproof and scratch resistance, can withstand the pressure of high-pressure water gun spraying, and is not easy to fade or fall off.

Safe Driving: Nighttime Safety Keeper. The reflective stickers has a high-intensity reflective effect. When strong light shines on the cute stickers, it will emit reflective light, reminding other drivers to keep a safe distance, making your night driving safer. At the same time, it is a good choice for decorating cars.

Wide Range of Applications: This universal funny car stickers can be used on car wheels, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, helmets, etc. wherever you want.


Ease of Installation: Installation is simple. You only need to clean the surface to keep it dry, take out the car stickers, tear off the cute stickers, stick on the car wheel, and press for a while to ensure that there is no air inside, it is recommended not to wash the car within 24 hours.

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