Multi-Function Programmable Large Capacity Electric Pot


Multi-Function Programmable Large Capacity Electric Pot

Introducing our Multi-Function Programmable Large Capacity Electric Pot, the ultimate kitchen companion for convenient and efficient cooking. This versatile electric pot combines multiple functions in one appliance, providing you with endless possibilities for preparing delicious meals with ease.

With its large capacity and programmable features, it streamlines your cooking process and saves you valuable time in the kitchen. This electric pot is a must-have for every modern kitchen.


MULTIPLE COOKING FUNCTIONS – This electric pot offers a variety of cooking functions, including cooking rice, pasta, porridge and hot pot. The upgrade one comes with a steamer basket to steam vegetables and more.

LARGE CAPACITY – With its generous capacity, this electric pot allows you to prepare meals for the whole family or for entertaining guests. Its spacious interior ensures you have plenty of food to go around.

PROGRAMMABLE CONVENIENCE – The programmable feature enables you to set cooking times according to your recipes, allowing you to achieve consistently delicious results every time. Simply set it and forget it, and the electric pot will take care of the rest.

USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE – The electric pot features a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls and a digital display. Easily adjust settings and access various functions with just a few button presses.


Colors: Green, Purple

Rated Voltage: 220v~

Rated Frequency: 50Hz

Rated Power: 500w

Capacity: 1200ml

Weight: 0.75kg

Size: 224*170*178mm


1 * Multi-Function Programmable Large Capacity Electric Pot, 1 * Measuring Cup, 1 * Power Cord

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