LushLeap™ – Nature’s Miracle


LushLeap™ – Nature’s Miracle

🌟 [Give your lawn a new look] 🌟

💚 The lawn liquid that led the green revolution – instantly revitalize your outdoor space! 💚

🎉 “Instant Green” technology – just one spray!

Quick transformation: from dry and patchy to thick and green in just one step!
Lasting results: durable and resistant to dryness and sun exposure, all year round!

🍃 Green and safe!

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: selected eco-friendly formulas are child and pet friendly.
No chemical residue: we promise to take responsibility for your health and that of the planet.

🏡 Perfect yard, the envy of the neighborhood

PROFESSIONAL GRADE RESULTS: Designed for home yards, easily achieve professional gardener’s results.
Gorgeous color: brings the most natural and vibrant green, restores the vitality of the lawn.

⏰ Saves time and money

Quick application: forget complicated lawn care procedures, one spray and you’re done.
Cost Effective: Reduce long term maintenance costs and save money with one bottle that does more than one thing.

Let’s see what our customers are saying!

“Easy to use and environmentally friendly, totally exceeded my expectations! My yard is now the envy of my neighbors” – John

“Since using this lawn liquid, my garden has come alive and my neighbors have been coming up to me asking for the secret!” – Mary


Product Name: LushLeap™ – Nature’s Miracle
Product Specification: 
Storage Location: 
Cool and dry place
Product Range:
 59ML can be used for 100-150 feet of lawn [no need to mix with water for use

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