GentleGuy™ Aurora Purifying Mite-Removing Soap


GentleGuy™ Aurora Purifying Mite-Removing Soap

GentleGuy™ Aurora Purifying Mite-Removing Soap Provides Incredible Solution to Clients’ Acne Problems

“I’ve always felt self-conscious because of the acne on my face, never realizing that mites were at the root of my struggle with acne! No wonder other products didn’t work. But this soap is a miracle mite remover! I’ve only been using it for two weeks and my skin isn’t itchy anymore.” Physically, my acne has completely disappeared. And the scent after use has made me more attractive to the opposite sex, I can’t tell you how amazing this soap is!” –Michael

“I live in a highly polluted environment where acne and itching have always plagued me, and after years of fighting it with multiple products to no avail, I strongly suspected that mites were causing my discomfort. So, I decided to try this mite removal soap to cleanse my body. The results were shocking! Immediately after use, the itching stopped completely. After only 3-4 weeks of use, all my pesky acne was gone! I am so happy with my decision to choose this soap. It smells and it smells great, it definitely suits me!”

GentleGuy™ Aurora Purifying Mite-Removing Soap is highly effective in ridding the body of mites and treating acne related problems. These mites often attach themselves to the skin’s oils and may even lay eggs, leading to more severe acne. To combat this problem, this soap is formulated with Polar Cedar, Dead Sea Sea Salt, Salicylic Acid, and Australian Tea Tree Oil for a powerful cleansing action that will banish mites, stop their spread, reduce body acne, and restore healthy skin. And it continues to smell like cedar!

Learn the truth about how acne develops

Acne has been a common skin problem for years, triggered when hair follicles become clogged with oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. But here’s the real eye-opener – recent studies have shown that the culprits behind most cases of acne are none other than the tiny mites that inhabit our bodies. These critters reproduce, lay eggs, and even cause inflammation. That’s why we’ve introduced a specially formulated acne treatment soapGentleGuy™ Aurora Purifying Mite-Removing Soap.It’s time to keep your skin healthy and say goodbye to mites forever!

Uncover the secrets of Polar Cedar: the complete elimination of stubborn mites!

Not only does Polar Cedar have anti-aging properties, it is also effective against mites, bacteria and residual toxins on the skin. It directly targets and breaks down those hard-to-eliminate mites, such as the scabies mite, which can hide in the subcutaneous tissues, aggravate acne, and even lead to scabies disease. Therefore, Base Cedar can definitely treat body acne by eliminating those mites and their eggs. And it will continue to release a light cedar scent.

Recognized by acne treatment experts

According to renowned acne treatment expert Archibald Lewis, recent research has shown that the main cause of acne is mites invading our skin and laying eggs, which leads to the formation of acne and underlying inflammation. However, he discovered that polar cedar has extraordinary anti-acne properties. Combining Polar Cedar with the other gentle ingredients in GentleGuy™ Aurora Purifying Mite-Removing Soap, such as Tea Tree Oil and Salicylic Acid, accelerates the healing effects of acne.

Australian Tea Tree Oil: Eliminate Half the Mites

Australian Tea Tree Oil and Polar Cedar join forces to address skin problems from the inside out. Tea tree oil is responsible for eliminating mites from the surface of the skin, ensuring the overall health of the outer layer of the skin. By reducing the population of these microorganisms, it also inhibits inflammation and stops the formation of new acne lesions and helminthic mite disease.


Net Weight: 110g
Shelf Life: 3 years
Scent: Arctic cedar
Main Ingredients: Dead Sea Sea Salt, Australian Tea Tree, Norway Spruce Leaf, Polar Cedar, Salicylic Acid

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