KlariME™ Eye Glow Treatment


KlariME™ Eye Glow Treatment

Instantly look 10x younger with the KlariME™ Eye Glow Treatment and get rid of wrinkles, puffiness and, eyebags in just minute! 

Scientific Proven Ingredients

Contains 1 Key Ingredient:
Gel Technology

The KlariME™ Eye Glow Treatment sinks powerful gel to hydrate delicate eye skin and Infused with youth-boosting collagen. It gently penetrates to the layer of the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines such as crows feet, tear through, and frown lines.  

Easy to Use:

A good addition to your everyday beauty routine.
1. Clean your face and dry well before use
2. Apply the KlariME™ Eye Glow Treatment on the KlariME™ Essential Care Maximizer applicator. 

3. Gently massage the KlariME™ Essential Care Maximizer with our Eye Glow Treatment on your eye area for 2-4 minutes.

4. After using our KlariME™ Essential Care Maximizer, gently massage in the KlariME™ Eye Glow Treatment with your fingertips.

5. Rinse off any remaining excess serum and continue on with your daily beauty routine. 


  • Product Efficacy: Remove eyebags, fine lines, dark circle, wrinkle
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