GFOUK™ EMSculpt Sleeping V-Face Beauty Device


GFOUK™ EMSculpt Sleeping V-Face Beauty Device

Before we start, Let’s examine our delighted customers!

As someone who enjoys knitting, I spend hours every day with my head bent down. Over time, I began to notice my neck becoming increasingly saggy and fat. That’s when I discovered the GFOUK™ EMSculpt Sleeping V-Face Beauty Device. I was impressed with how it targeted specific areas of my neck and face. I use it every night when I sleep. After using the product for a few weeks, I noticed a significant reduction in the amount of fat on my neck, giving me a more defined and contoured appearance. Not only did the device help to reduce my neck fat, but it also left my skin feeling tighter and more toned! -Charlotte, 50, Manhattan, NY

I have always had facial asymmetry due to my habit of side sleeping, which has caused my chin to become more prominent on one side. It was something that always bothered me and affected my confidence. I decided to try the EMSculpt Sleeping V-Face Device to see if it could help me balance out my chin. After just a few weeks of using the device, I began to notice a significant improvement in the symmetry of my face. It helped to tone and sculpt my facial muscles, resulting in a more defined and balanced appearance. I was thrilled with the results and feel much more confident! -Elizabeth, 45, Queens, NY

Why Excess Neck Fat Happens as We Age?

As people age, their skin loses elasticity and firmness, which can contribute to excess neck fat. This is because the skin around the neck area becomes thinner, making it easier for the underlying fat tissue to protrude and become more noticeable.

What is EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)?

EMS is a form of therapy that stimulate muscles and promote muscle growth, strength, and healing. EMS works by sending electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the skin near the targeted muscles. These impulses cause the muscles to contract, mimicking the natural process of muscle movement and helping to improve muscle tone and strength. It can be used to help strengthen weak or injured muscles, as well as to enhance muscle growth.

How to Use

– Hook the ends on your ear like a mask
– Make sure the two nubs are facing inwards and firmly pressing against under your chin.
– Switch the device on.
– Leave it on while you sleep or do your errands.
– Take off when you wake up the day afterward.


* Size: 49 x 23 x 167mm
* Weight: 11g
* Operating Modes: USB
* USB Charging: 2 Hours for Full Charge
* Charging voltage: 5V

Package Includes

* 1 x GFOUK™ EMSculpt Sleeping V-Face Beauty Device
* 1 x USB charging cable
* 2 x Ear straps
* 2 x Silicon Ear straps
* Variants: 1 set, 2 sets, 3 sets, 5 sets

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