HipEnhance™ Detachable Padded Sculpt Wear

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HipEnhance™ Detachable Padded Sculpt Wear

Sharon Williams from Cheyenne, Wyoming, Showed Us Her Experience with Our Latest Product!

” I was so upset that my butt doesn’t look flattering in this new sun dress that I got… Thanks to this detachable padded sculpt wear! It gave my pancake butt a complete makeover with a gorgeously luscious curve that I can only dream of! It keeps all the right thing in all the right places, just the right compression to keep my tummy flat and tight, and just the right sculpting to give me a perfect butt. A great plus side is that this is unbelievably comfortable even when I wear it all day long!”

“One of the best products I purchased ever! It only took less than a minute to give my body a fuller shape while giving my hips an instant lift! The hip padding has transformed my outfits, giving me the confidence to wear anything I want! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

Lift Your Hips Instantly with Spandex Padding!

If you’ve always wanted more shape to your body, especially in your hips, then our newest product is the perfect solution for you! Our product has sponge padding inserts where it matters the most to give your hips a fuller and more shaped look instantly!

Strategic Padding: Gives Hips a Natural-Looking Lift on Both Sides!

The shapewear control panties with 4 removable hip pads is made of top grade Spandex, and the 4 butt pads are detachable. We strategically placed spandex padding inserts on both sides of the product to give you a natural-looking yet substantial lift in your hips’ appearance! We’ve inserted the padding on the sides of each of your hips and on each side of your buttocks too. These paddings give your body a fuller shape while actively slimming your body too!

Removable Pads: Personalize Your Lift and Fit!

We designed our product in a way where the sponge padding inserts are removable. This feature allows you to take control of how much padding you want and where you want it. If you only want the padding in your hips, you can take out the pads from the buttocks. And if you only want padding on your buttocks, you can remove the pads from the hips.

High Elasticity Waist Band

We also decided to use a very highly elastic material for the waist band of our product. This allows it to fit anyone of any body type comfortably without any irritating pressure. This makes it easy to wear for long hours without any pain, chafing, or worry!

What Makes Padded Body Shaper the Perfect Solution?

✅ Helps Give Hips an Instant Lift
✅ Slimms Down Tummy Appearance
✅ Strategically Placed Padding
✅ Customizable Removable Padding
✅ Highly Elastic Waist Band
✅ Non-Slip Lacing, Stays in Place
✅ Provides Natural-Looking Lift for Hips


  • Material: Highly Elastic and Breathable Fabric, Spandex Padding, Non-Slip Lace
  • Firm Fit Elastic Waist Band
  • 4-Piece Removable Padding
  • Variants: Black, Beige

Package Includes

  • 1x HipEnhance™ Detachable Padded Sculpt Wear (Black/Beige)
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