Liacsy™ Ion-Lift DetoXShape Shorts


Liacsy™ Ion-Lift DetoXShape Shorts

Reach your body’s peak with Liacsy™ Ion-Lift DetoXShape Shorts. Look your best with a lifted booty, toned body, and slim waist. Increase your confidence and style with these revolutionary shorts.

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“I’ve struggled with stretch marks for years and tried all sorts of methods to get rid of them. When I heard about the Liacsy™ Ion-Lift DetoXShape Shorts, I decided to give it a try”

“It was amazed at the results! After just a few weeks, my stretch marks were completely gone! I felt like a new, fit and sexy woman. I am so impressed with this product that I recommend it to all my friends. It was a life changing experience and I am so glad I discovered these shorts! ”

Anne Frank, 34, Chicago, United States

“I’ve tried many different shapewear and this Liacsy Ion-Lift DetoXShape Shorts blew me away! And it’s especially perfect for cardio days. I sweat more than usual and lose weight more effectively. Although I sweat a lot when wearing it, it’s extremely breathable and not smelly or muggy at all. Highly recommend for all women aiming to decrease excess fat and shape their body ideally!

Amelia James, 32, New York, United States

“I have struggled with fat sagging tummy and flat butt for a long while. After wearing these shorts for 2 months, I can say is worth it! Flattering, comfortable and stretchy. I’m glad I found these Liacsy™ Ion-Lift DetoXShape Shorts, a seamless pair of shorts that have made my butt look fuller and significantly improved its shape. It lifts the buttocks so pants and dresses look better and boosted my confidence after wearing them!


  • Color: Black/Gray/Red/Blue
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

The package contains:

  • 1 x Liacsy™ Ion-Lift DetoXShape Shorts
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