Easy Cat Litter Shovel

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Easy Cat Litter Shovel

Clean cat litter box with less dust inhalation!

Easy Cat Litter Shovel intelligently filters cat litter and leaves reusable sand behind to reduce wastage, prolonging the use of cat sand and reducing dust from unnecessary shaking.
Constructed with tight yet fine filtering design, it allows instant sand leakage and catches only cat litter.

The zinc-coated stainless steel is extra durable & easy to clean with resistant to wearing and corrosion. Perfect for multi-cat families and professionals!

Ergonomic handle for handling dirty cat litter with absolute ease.

  • CLEVER DESIGN: Catch only cat letter but not additional sand.
  • AUTO SAND LEAKAGE: Drain sand instantly without unnecessary shaking.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Easy & comfortable to hold.
  • DURABLE: Made from durable & high-quality stainless steel. Rust-proof & long lasting.
    EASY TO CLEAN: Non-stick surface to avoid sticking up dirt.
  • HANG TO STORE: Easy storage with hanging loop.


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  • 1pc x Easy Cat Litter Shovel
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