Double 360º Phone Holder Clip

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Double 360º Phone Holder Clip

Our elegant solution for securely mounting almost any phone without compromising the comfort and safety of you.

Can be easily folded down to free your eyes for the views and easy storage and portable design.


Smoothly Secured

The inward-angled jaws keep your phone in place and are lined with firm rubber, which not only protects the phone, but also prevents it from slipping out.

Easy to Mount

Simply clip onto your dashboard or overheard mirror and basically any plate or handle.

Double 360º

The clip and cord can be twisted in any way you like to position your phone at any angle as per your viewing pleasure.

Wide Applications

Our feature-packed clamp adjusts to accommodate most phones, from small phones to even bigger devices.

Number Display

Display your phone number to reduce the chance of getting a ticket or your car towed.


Size: 12.5 cm * 10.0 cm * 11.3 cm

Color: Black


1x Double 360º Phone Holder Clip

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