Anti-Fungal Peeling Foot Soak


Anti-Fungal Peeling Foot Soak

Remove Dry, Rough, Callused Skin With Just a Peel!

Annoyed by your dehydrated and cracked feet but got no clue to deal with them? Time to revitalize them into silky and smooth ones with Anti-Fungal Peeling Foot Soak.

Anti-Fungal Peeling Foot Soak is a magical way to remove all dry, rough and callused skin on your feet with just a peel. It allows active healing agents to deeply penetrate the nail bed for fast & significant results. Helps exfoliating dead skin to reveal your soft and babyish skin. With powerful botanical extracts to thoroughly breakdown bacteria roots and moisturize it in a healthy wayNo more embarrassment with your feet now!


  • Anti-Fungal:
    Instant & long-Term relief to treat cracking & burning caused by toe or skin fungus.

  • Deeply Moisturize:
    Moisturize your skin of the foot, 
    keep your foot with adequate moisture and elasticity.

  • Skin Exfoliating:
    Remove all dry, cracked & dead skin while softening corns, calluses & rough heels.

  • Better Metabolism:
    Stimulate metabolism that the skin regeneration cycle speeds up.
  • No More Embarrassment:
    Get confident to take off your shoes fearlessly!
  • All Natural:
    Powerful botanical extracts which keep skin more healthy such as ginger, safflower and Argy wormwood leaf. Applicable for all ages!
  • Safe & Non-toxic:
    Gentle ingredients without allergy, no harm to the human body.


  • Ingredients: Ginger, Safflower, Argy wormwood leaf


  1. Put one tablet in a basin of 4L 45-50°C water
  2. Soak your feet for around 15 mins and relax
  3. Use 2-3 times a week or when necessary


  • 1-Month Treatment – 10pcs x Anti-Fungal Peeling Foot Soak
  • 3-Month Treatment – 30pcs x Anti-Fungal Peeling Foot Soak
  • 6-Month Treatment – 60pcs x Anti-Fungal Peeling Foot Soak
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