FastAid Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray


FastAid Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray

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No More Embarrassment!
Eliminate Fungus In JUST 7 Days

Start Treatment Now! Fungal infections on your toes won’t clear up overnight, and non-drug treatments can let the infection fester.
FastAid Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray is an antifungal spray used for clinically effective relief of itchingburning and cracking, uprooting the toenail fungus and odor-causing bacteria.  Enjoy your activities again with symptom-free feet!

5X Fact-acting Formula Stops The Fungus. Effectively eliminate the fungus and bacteria on nails, nail beds, cuticles, and foot odour.
Helps Relieve The Cracking, Burning, Itching & Discomfort. Promptly treating fungus between toes can help prevent spread of infection to the

  • Net Content: 60ml
  • Instruction:  Spray on affected area twice a day until symptoms subside


  • 1 / 3PCS x  FastAid Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray


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