ANGUL™ ShougaGRO Germany Laser Scalp Massage Combs


ANGUL™ ShougaGRO Germany Laser Scalp Massage Combs

Introducing the ANGUL™  ShougaGRO Germany Laser Scalp Massage Comb, a revolutionary product aimed at promoting healthy hair growth. This hair growth comb combines cutting-edge scientific research and innovative design, incorporating red and blue light technology. Its hair growth oil formula contains biotin, an effective form of B-vitamin that has been proven to activate follicular stem cells, thereby improving hair growth. The targeted application design of this hair growth comb ensures the direct delivery of biotin to the scalp, offering a safe and effective solution for anyone looking to achieve fuller, denser, and healthier hair. Research indicates that biotin plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy hair growth by supporting the energy production of follicular stem cells.

Utilizing these scientific technologies to directly apply the benefits of biotin to your scalp, the ANGUL™  ShougaGRO Germany Laser Scalp Massage Comb offers a cutting-edge solution for anyone seeking to improve hair growth.

In short, it is the perfect choice for anyone desiring fuller, denser, and healthier hair. Its effective biotin formula and targeted application design make it a safe and efficient solution with noticeable results.

Try the ANGUL™ ShougaGRO Germany Laser Scalp Massage Comb now and experience the benefits of scientific innovation firsthand.


Siwei Ji Wei has submitted this journey photo of him using the ANGUL™ ShougaGRO Germany Laser Scalp Massage Comb. Congratulations on your success!

“Let me tell you, this stuff really works!! I really have very slow growing hair. I even suffered from alopecia, PCOS, and postpartum shedding and felt like I was getting bald to the touch. I tried many things in the past but they all failed me. With this ANGUL™ ShougaGRO Germany Laser Scalp Massage Comb, my edges grew within 2-3 weeks of inconsistent use. It’s been over a couple of months and I can see my full hairline now. This has helped tremendously in getting back  the length I was at before my hair became damaged. A million thanks!!”

Siwei Ji Wei, 35, Norfolk, Virginia

I was surprised. I have been using this ANGUL™ ShougaGRO Germany Laser Scalp Massage Comb for about 3 months now and I really see the difference. I took these photos after my haircut. My hair still grows a little slower when my hair is thinning but now my hair does look like it’s been growing nicely and NO falling out.

Justin Cranston, 37, Glendale, Arizona

“My hair had gotten very thin at the front and receded from the hairline at the same time. I had been very experimental with the hair products that I had been using which caused severe damages on my hair and scalp. I took the leap of faith with this ANGUL™ ShougaGRO Germany Laser Scalp Massage Comb it didn’t disappoint me. Everyone now is saying how fast my hair is growing, with an added volume and luster. There’s no way I would be getting another product for my hair except this! Absolutely happy!!”

Joseph Martin, 48, Queens, New York

Understanding Biotin and Hair Loss

Biotin is the active ingredient in the ANGUL™ ShougaGRO Germany Laser Scalp Massage Comb, which functions by dilating blood vessels and opening potassium channels to help increase blood flow and nutrient delivery to the hair follicles. The increased blood flow aids in stimulating hair growth and improving the thickness and density of existing hair. The ANGUL™ ShougaGRO Germany Laser Scalp Massage Comb ensures precise delivery of biotin to the areas of the scalp where it is needed most. As age advances, the levels of biotin in cells tend to decrease, which is associated with various age-related conditions.

Dr. David Sinclair from Harvard University and his team have published an important new paper concluding that the loss of epigenetic information leads to mammalian aging. The cells lose their ability to read their original DNA, causing them to forget how to function properly. Since 2013, Dr. Sinclair has been actively involved in researching nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) supplements and their role as anti-aging supplements. This geneticist pointed out in his research paper that this treatment improved muscle function and metabolism in mouse models. Dr. Sinclair compared the efficacy of biotin with exercise in his study.

Hair is composed of a protein called keratin, which is produced in the hair follicles located in the outer layer of the skin. As the hair follicles generate new hair cells, the old cells are pushed out to the surface of the skin at a rate of approximately six inches per year.

Revealing Phototherapy Activated Follicle Treatment Method

Red and blue light therapy for hair growth is a treatment method that utilizes specific wavelengths of red and blue light to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. This therapy is based on the principle of phototherapy, where the scalp and hair follicles are stimulated through exposure to targeted wavelengths of red and blue light.

The ANGUL™ ShougaGRO Germany Laser Scalp Massage Comb employs 655nm red light to awaken dormant follicles and suppress sebaceous glands, preventing hair loss. Additionally, it uses 660nm wavelength blue light to penetrate deep into the follicles, strengthening the roots and stabilizing the impending shedding hair, repairing damaged follicles, inhibiting bacterial growth on the scalp, and helping to reduce dandruff and certain scalp issues, thereby providing a healthier environment for hair growth.

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1*ANGUL™ ShougaGRO Germany Laser Scalp Massage Comb(Black/White)+2*hair growth oil

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