ANGUL™ Germany Peptide Ion Detox Necklace


ANGUL™ Germany Peptide Ion Detox Necklace

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After five years of intensive medical research by the German Center for Adiposity Research,DZG, a startling discovery has emerged: In Europe and the United States, up to 70% of people suffer from obesity. Initially, people may not pay much attention, but over time, obesity becomes increasingly severe and places a significant burden on the body, even affecting one’s quality of life.

To revolutionize this situation, the German Center for Adiposity Research,DZG brings together the best in medicine. A breakthrough product was pioneered! Its mission: Through magnetic therapy, it triggers the automatic recovery of the lymphatic system, enhances lymphatic detoxification capabilities, stimulates the body’s metabolism, and releases continuous magnetic therapy to promote blood detoxification.

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Take a look at the journey of our satisfied customers and their experience wearing our fashionable and practical necklaces.

“Due to my weight of 280 pounds, I often suffered from leg swelling and accompanying pain, which made it difficult for me to walk properly. However, after I started wearing the ANGULT Peptide Detox Necklace, my swelling disappeared. With the necklace on, my body feels lighter and there is no more swelling. If you also struggle with  swelling, I highly recommend this necklace.” – Savannah Hudson, 41 years old, from Tampa, Florida.

A month ago, I was a sufferer of thyroid enlargement, in great pain, and unable to sleep properly. After seeing an advertisement for the ANGUL™ Peptide Ion Detox Necklace online, I decided to place an order because the price was insignificant compared to visiting a hospital. The doctor advised me to wear it daily, and the next day, I felt refreshed and pain-free. After four weeks, my neck returned to normal. I highly recommend it to patients who have had similar experiences.” – Laurie Ecklund, Corvallis, USA.

“I’ve always felt insecure about my bulky and flabby arms, and I’ve tried various methods with little noticeable effect. However, when I started wearing the ANGUL™ Peptide Ion Detox Necklace, I witnessed a remarkable transformation! My arms have become firmer and more toned, and I feel incredibly happy and confident. If you desire slim and beautiful arms, I highly recommend giving the ANGUL™ Peptide Ion Detox Necklace a try – it truly works!” – Lily, 42 years old, USA.

The reasons for blockage in the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is a network composed of tissues, vessels, and organs that work together to transport a colorless, watery fluid called lymph back into the circulatory system (blood). Lymphatic blockage refers to the obstruction of lymphatic vessels, which are responsible for draining fluid from tissues throughout the body and enabling immune cells to reach where they are needed. Lymphatic blockage can lead to lymphedema, which is the swelling or enlargement of tissues.

Research has revealed magnetic methods for lymphatic drainage.

Magnetic therapy realigns the electromagnetic charges within the body cells, promoting self-repair, which benefits the lymphatic system. The magnetic field alkalizes tissues and releases oxygen from its bound state back into the molecular state for healing. It can also significantly reduce lymph node swelling and decrease excess lymphatic fluid by 60%.

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1x – One ANGUL™ Mineral Detox Necklace (Black/White/Red/Blue/Pink)

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