Zakdavi Super Coverage Foundation with Buffing Brush

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Zakdavi Super Coverage Foundation with Buffing Brush

✨ Unveil Flawless Beauty with Zakdavi✨

✨Discover the Secret to Perfect Skin✨

Step into a world where flawless makeup is not just a dream – it’s your new reality with Zakdavi Super Coverage Foundation. Paired with our precision-crafted Buffing Brush, prepare for a transformation that will take your breath away.

  ✨Flawless Application Every Time✨

Say goodbye to uneven tones and hello to seamless beauty. Our foundation’s luxurious formula glides effortlessly with the Buffing Brush, delivering an impeccable, airbrushed finish.

✨The Ultimate Fix for Flawless Complexion✨

Solution for all skin troubles

Remember, a small amount of this remarkable skincare product goes a long way! Utilize the custom-dosel tip applicator to gently squeeze a small quantity onto the buffing brush. Then, softly buff the product directly into your skin. The coverage provided is unmatched, and any imperfections can confidently consider themselves eliminated!

What It Does

Super Coverage Foundation with SPA 50 PA++++

🪞Masterful Tone Correction✨: Expertly evens out skin tone, leaving a flawless and uniform complexion.

🪞Luxurious Moisturizing & Soothing✨: Infuses skin with deep hydration and calming effects for ultimate comfort.

🪞Potent Vitamin Infusion✨: Packed with Vitamins C and E, this foundation acts as a shield against environmental aggressors, providing robust antioxidant protection.

🪞Gentle & Featherlight✨: Non-irritating, lightweight, skin-friendly formula.

🪞Highly Pigmented, Minimal Use: One drop provides concentrated color coverage

Skin Buffing Brush

  • Ultra-soft, synthetic bristles can be used with liquids, creams and powders
  • Helps achieve perfect placement, easy blending and consistent application every time

Medium and deep-tone models with flawless smooth skin and wearing nude pink lipstick with subtle, glowy blush, and smokey eye makeup.

The Super Coverage Difference 

Our formulas contains a powerful blend of 10 carefully selected ingredients that help to nourish, energize, hydrate and protect your skin while getting your make up in 10 minutes or less.

✔️ Vitamin C → brightens skin, improves collagen synthesis & provides free-radical fighting anti-oxidants
✔️ Magnesium → replenishes skin’s moisture barrier and keeps color wearing longer
✔️ Aloe Vera Extract → works to hydrate and plump the skin while supporting skin’s natural repair process
✔️ Mineral Pigments → allow for long wearing, true color

Product Description

  • 2 fl. oz. Super Coverage Foundation (Or 2*1 fl. oz. Super Coverage Foundation )
  • Skin Buffing Brush
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