Woodworking Automatic Marking Ink Fountain with Lock

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Woodworking Automatic Marking Ink Fountain with Lock

Enhance your woodworking efficiency and precision with our Woodworking Automatic Marking Ink Fountain. This innovative tool is designed to provide a consistent and controlled flow of marking ink, making your woodworking projects more accurate and time-efficient.

One-key auto winding saves a lot of time and effort. The lock design effectively prevents ink from seeping out and causing unnecessary loss or trouble.


PRECISION MARKING: Engineered with a superior absorption sponge, our ink line marker delivers sharp, clear lines with a simple button press. Streamline your woodworking with this must-have tool for precise imprints.

ROBUST CONSTRUCTION: Woven with a wear-resistant, high-tensile nylon thread, this ink line marker’s line boasts superb toughness and ink retention. It resists snapping under pressure to ensure reliability and longevity on all projects.

QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: Crafted from robust cotton thread and high-grade plastic, our automatic ink line marker withstands rigorous use. It’s a sturdy addition to your woodworking arsenal for consistent, long-term performance.

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: The compact, autonomous design of our ink line marker simplifies operation. With its one-handed functionality, you’ll enjoy an easy marking experience, even when working solo.

EXTENDED LINE CAPACITY: Our carpentry ink line marker’s generous 25/30-meter line grants ample reach for extensive projects. It’s designed to accommodate the diverse demands of your woodworking tasks, ensuring you’re prepared for any job.


Housing Material: PVC

Color: White, Silver

Size: 170*65mm


1 * Woodworking Automatic Marking Ink Fountain

1 * 100ml Ink

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