WoodDIY™ Wood Engraving Multi-Color Paint

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WoodDIY™ Wood Engraving Multi-Color Paint

Special Paint Designed For Wood Engraving
Our paint is specially used for coloring the engraving pieces and helps enhance the aesthetic character of the wood-engraved piece. It comes in multiple colors including blue, gold, green, red, black, and so on so that the design will have additional uniqueness rather than just having scorched or burned color.

Long-lasting Vivid Surface
lots highly pigmented formula & bright and smooth texture is ideal for engraving pieces with no watery finish. This thick consistency minimized bleeding into the wood, and promised to give your masterpieces lively coloring results!

Wide Application

Not only work best on wood engraving pieces but it can also be used on most surfaces, including canvas, rocks, painting pumpkins, ceramics, plastic, and many more. Add uniqueness to wood-engraved & make it less laser-cut looking.

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