Wino on the Go Wine Opening Set

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Wino on the Go Wine Opening Set

SKIP THE CORKSCREW AND OPEN ANY BOTTLE IN SECONDS – The Perfect Wine Opener, you’ll never need another corkscrew ever again. With a simple push, pump, and pop, you can remove the cork from any wine bottle in just a few seconds. No more turning, pulling, or tugging on corkscrew openers.

The wine aerator pourer infuses the OPTIMAL amount of oxygen into your wine using the Bernoulli effect so that you can taste the nuances in your wine. Double the value of your wine by simply pouring yourself a glass!

The wine pump removes air from your wine bottle, keeping it fresh for up to a week. It is a better and more elegant way to re-cork your bottle.

AIR LIFT TECHNOLOGY FOR EASY OPENING – With a unique wine pump design, the Perfect Wine Opener air pressure wine opener uses a one-of-a-kind air lift approach that uses the natural pressure from the bottle to pop the cork out. It’ll be the easiest wine bottle-opening experience you’ve ever had.

  • INDESTRUCTIBLE POLYCARBONATE AND STAINLESS-STEEL MATERIALS – With durable and indestructible polycarbonate and stainless steel materials, the Perfect Wine Opener is perfect for both personal and professional use and will be the last wine bottle opener you’ll ever need.
  • NO MORE BROKEN CORK IN YOUR WINE – When it comes to opening wine bottles, no one should have to deal with broken or destroyed corks. With the long needle and convenient need guide, the Perfect Wine Opener will ensure that you open your wine bottle right the first time without the hassle of pieces of broken cork falling into your wine.
  • GUIDE FOR EASY PLACEMENT ON BOTTLE – Each opener is made with convenient guides that help you to get a perfect placement on each bottle. Just slip the opener over the top of the bottle and allow the guides to lead the neck of the bottle directly into the needle for a quick and easy opening.

Kit includes:

The Perfect Wine Opener

The Perfect Vacuum Sealer

The Perfect Foil Cutter

The perfect aerator

Material: Aluminum Alloy

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