UV Resistant Lifelike Artificial Boston Fern


UV Resistant Lifelike Artificial Boston Fern

Realistic and Natural: Artificial plants Boston Fern is made of high-quality silk material, making it looks very realistic. Its color is very natural, and the touch is very good approaching reality, makes it very vibrant and vivid.

UV Resistant for Lasting Brilliance: Specially designed to resist UV rays, ensuring the fern retains its vibrant green color, making it suitable for year-round display in any environment.

Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Use: From home and office decor to patio and garden embellishment, this faux greenery effortlessly adapts to various settings, bringing enduring beauty to your surroundings.
Suitable for decoration: This large Artificial plants Boston Fern contains 88 branches, making it looks very plump. The length of a single branch can reach 25 inches, and the horizontal expansion size can reach 48 inches, making it looks very large and full. It is very suitable for places such as courtyards, living rooms, offices, etc

Keeping Green: The color of Artificial plants would not fade, do not need maintenance and watering, it can withstand rain, snow, and sunlight with good durability, stable quality, and also suitable for outdoor use situation.

100% Guarantee: Brand product quality assurance. If you are not satisfied, please refund at any time. Customer satisfaction is our goal, please purchase with no doubt.


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