UNPREE™ Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth Essential Oil


UNPREE™ Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth Essential Oil

Are you frustrated with hair loss and thinning hair? Say hello to UNPREE™ Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth Essential Oil.

Scientists are calling this is the ultimate solution for hair regrowth and hair loss prevention

“My hair had gone very thin and made my scalp embarrassingly visible throughout the top of my head. In desperation to bring back the volume and life to my hair I’ve tried tons of different shampoos and serums, but none of them work and just makes my strands drier and more prone to hair falls. Luckily, I saw this hair serum through scrolling online and was met with quick and exceptional results. My hair had gone so soft and smooth and the hairloss had consistently subdued after each use. I also noticed that it leaves my locks more glowing, making my overall appearance more youthful. I’m in my 4th week of using this product now and I can’t be any more happier about how it improves my hair. My tresses are now more healthier and voluminous than ever and not only does it vanish my balding spots, but it also dramatically decreases my graying hair that’s been forming! Highly recommended!” 

Mindy Hoover, 34, Ocean, Jersey City, New Jersey


Let me tell you, this stuff really works! A friend of mine had told me about this UNPREE™ Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth Essential Oil and tell you what, In just a week it already reduces my hair loss problems and has had a considerable regrowth. It also leaves my locks incredibly soft and naturally shiny. This oil even makes my hair more strengthened and vivid unlike its boring, faded hue before. It lathers well in the hair and it lasts longer than my regular liquid shampoos which is a plus. Now the 8-week treatment is completed and my forehead becomes COMPLETELY HAIRY. My confidence definitely boosts and I don’t even have to think about any hair problems now. It’s a fantastic product that has given me renewed confidence. I’m thrilled with the outcome. A million thanks!!

Joseph Martin, 39, Queens, New York 

What Causes Hair Thinning?

Hair loss is a common problem and a beauty concern for everyone as when people get older, the hair often starts losing volume and thickness. On average, an individual loses 80 to 100 strands of hair in a day. But, losing an unusual amount of locks and creating visible pattern spots and baldness may be a form of another concern that’s disrupting the stages of hair growth. These factors include stress, hormonal changes, nutrient deficiencies, medications, heredity, health conditions, pregnancy and so on. 

The hair growth and regeneration originates from the hair bulb, which is located in the lower dermis. It has a cyclic process that encompasses in 3 stages, including:

💡 Anagen (Active growing phase)

💡 Catagen (Regressing phase)

💡 Telogen (Resting phase) More importantly, the duration of the growing phase depends on the nourishment of the hair follicles. Inadequate nourishment may cause abnormal condition of Anagen phase, causing sudden hair loss, huge bald patches or even receding hairlines. That is why we introduce UNPREE™ Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth Essential Oil – a groundbreaking formula offering proprietary, award winning ingredients scientifically proven to increase the appearance of hair density while reducing signs of shedding to bring you thicker, fuller looking hair.

Best Hair Regrowth Activator: UNPREE™ Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth Essential Oil

UNPREE™ Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth Essential Oil is massaged into the scalp, the oil formulation penetrates the skin, delivering its nourishing ingredients directly to the hair follicles. This absorption process stimulates blood circulation, enhancing nutrient and oxygen supply to the follicles. The nourishing ingredients, such as biotin and collagen, work synergistically to strengthen the hair strands, promote a healthy scalp environment, and stimulate hair growth from the root. Regular use of the product provides ongoing nourishment, supporting optimal hair growth and overall hair health.

Usage Directions

1 . Shake well before use
2 . Keep hair dry or dry it after shampooing
3 . Take 2-3 drops of UNPREE™ Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth Essential Oil and apply evenly on the scalp
4 . Gently massage with fingertips until absorbed (It is recommended to use once a day for better results)

Please insist on use for 1-3 month, will have more effect, Suggest you can buy 4-10 bottles together. 

Product Includes

  • UNPREE™ Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth Essential Oil
  • Net weight: 30ml / 1.05 FL.OZ

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