Universal Range Hood Grease Filter Paper

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Universal Range Hood Grease Filter Paper

No More Greasy Kitchen Cleaning!

Prevent lampblack build-up and keep your kitchen environment well-ventilated with the help of this Universal Range Hood Grease Filter Paper!

No more hard to scrub greasy hoods!


  • This paper filter¬†absorbs grease¬†and oil¬†on range hood easily!¬†Filters every grease, oil, and even dirt in the air!

  • Prevents all unwanted elements¬†from reaching the inner part of the range hood!¬†Simply replace Filter Paper when needed!

  • It also greatly¬†maintains clean¬†and hygienic¬†kitchen air.¬†Keeps your kitchen¬†free from unpleasant and oily odor!

  • Made with¬†Eco-friendly non-woven fabric¬†that is also¬†non-flammable.¬†It has a¬†high ignition point and very good heat resistance making it very safe!

The thickness of this paper filters oil and prevents range hood from fouling while maintaining the exhaust airflow normally! It is also very flexible and durable!

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