Universal Engine Oil Filling Funnel Set

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Universal Engine Oil Filling Funnel Set


EASY OPERATION: Allows for single-person operation without the need to hold the funnel, making oil filling tasks easier and more convenient.

THE NYLON CLIP:It can attach directly to the oil filter neck. Its size can adjust to fit different neck sizes. A fixing ring on the clip ensures a sturdy connection to the funnel during use.

TRANSPARENT OBSERVATION WINDOW: Includes a transparent window for easy monitoring of oil flow and levels, providing clear visibility during the filling process.

WIDE APPLICABILITY: Compatible with a lot of car models, ensuring versatility and compatibility across various vehicle types and brands.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made from high-quality materials for durability and long-term use, ensuring reliable performance with repeated oil changes.




Color:Red, Blue

Dimension: As shown below

Material:ABS, Nylon

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