Tiworld™ Bee Venom Joint Therapy Pain Relief Gel (New Zealand Bee Extract


Tiworld™ Bee Venom Joint Therapy Pain Relief Gel (New Zealand Bee Extract

Certified by an orthopedic surgeon to heal orthopedic conditions and arthritic pain in 3-6 weeks.

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On September 16, 2022, a scientific study conducted at a leading hospital in Los Angeles showed that Bee venom Joint Therapy Pain Relief Gel had a significant effect on bone disorders.
Using a sample of patients suffering from a range of orthopaedic conditions, the study showed that our gel effectively reduced pain, stiffness and inflammation within just three weeks of use.
In addition, studies have shown that Bee Venom Joint Therapy Pain Relief Gel also significantly improves overall joint and bone health, reinforcing Bee Venom Therapy Gel’s reputation as a credible solution to bone and joint problems.

Tiworld™ Bee Venom Joint Therapy Pain Relief Gel is known for its effectiveness in treating a wide range of orthopedic problems and provides rapid relief of arthritis pain.

Can relieve and treat osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, osteoporosis, gout, carpal tunnel syndrome, stretching and straining of ligaments, bunions and tennis elbow, and cysts.

Let’s see what our customers have to say and become one of the over 1,0000 patients treating arthritis today!

John is a 42-year-old man diagnosed with gout. He had difficulty moving and was experiencing pain in his joints. He tried various over-the-counter medications, but nothing seemed to work. It was then that he heard about this amazing gel.

“For many years, I have suffered from gout in my feet, which was excruciatingly painful and greatly affected my life. I spent a lot of money on medical bills without getting any solution. Feeling desperate, I found Tiworld™ Bee Venom Joint Therapy Pain Relief Gel and decided to give it a try. After applying it 2-3 times a day, my pain was quickly relieved. After two weeks, my gout stones were significantly reduced and I was able to perform some daily activities. 6 weeks later, I was finally free from my demons. It brought me unparalleled comfort and freedom, and I was finally free from gout and had a healthy life again!” – John Smith, 2950 Middleville Road, Los Angeles, EE.UU.

“I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 2 years ago and have been struggling with limited mobility and joint pain in my hands ever since. I’ve tried all sorts of products and treatments, but none of them seemed to really solve the problem. Until I heard about this amazing gel. I decided to give it a try and within 1 week of using it I felt a reduction in pain and a noticeable decrease in swelling in my hands. After a month of using this gel, my hands regained their normal function and I was able to perform my daily activities with ease, no longer suffering from arthritis. Thank you very much Tiworld™ Gel, it has changed my life and given me back my freedom and comfort!”-Isabelle Simpson, 5th Avenue New York, EE.UU.

How to use it?

  1. First clean and dry the affected area.
  2. Apply an appropriate amount of Tiworld™ Bee Venom Joint Therapy Pain Relief Gel.
  3. Massage the gel into the skin until it is absorbed.
  4. Leave the gel on the skin for at least 3 minutes.
  5. Repeat the process two to three times a day for best results.
  6. Wash your hands thoroughly after each use.

Does our filtered bee venom come from killing or harming bees?

They are not killed or harmed because we use a new technology to extract bee venom without harming the bees. Ether is used to numb the bees’ nerves. The bees inhale enough ether vapor to spit out honey and expel the venom. When the ether disappears, the bees fly away. This process is considered humane and causes no harm. After decades of growing and breeding in New Zealand, the high quality of bee venom can be guaranteed. The bees are 100% naturally grown, hypoallergenic and tested by orthopaedic surgeons.

In addition, we use the latest technology to extract only those components of New Zealand bee venom that are effective in treating arthritis, and there are no side effects for those who are allergic to bees, so you can use it with confidence!

Tiworld™ Bee Venom Joint Therapy Pain Relief Gel (1/2/4/8 boxes).

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