Supersize Color Fibers with Refill Set

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Supersize Color Fibers with Refill Set

Supersize Color Fibers with Refill Set

Rediscover vibrant, youthful hair with our Color & Lift with Thickening Fibers. Bid farewell to thinning locks and hello to revitalized volume and vitality. Crafted with precision, our fibers seamlessly blend with your hair, instantly plumping each strand for a rejuvenated appearance.

               Revolutionising hair confidence with 9 Color Fibers

✧ Covers gray and thinning area of hair
✧ Makes hair appear fuller and thicker
✧ Extends time between salon visits
✧ Perfect for all hair types
✧ Stays with you until you wash it out
✧ Color Match Guarantee
✧ Keeps hair and scalp looking and feeling healthy

What It Is

Color gray roots, boost the look of your hair’s body and refresh your scalp with this colored powder made with plant-derived fibers and quality pigment. In this set, you get one supersize container and a second refill container.

What You Get

  • 44 oz. Color Fibers Supersize
  • 16 oz. Color Fibers Refill
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