Sugoola™ Bosompop Electric Massager


Sugoola™ Bosompop Electric Massager

Let’s take a look at the satisfied customers who have tried the Sugoola™ Bosompop Electric Bust Massager!

“Handling the challenge of having too small breasts has always been a concern of mine. After researching various options and ruling out surgery for the time being, I found the Sugoola™ Bosompop Electric Massager, which has been a revelation. I felt a significant improvement in support and comfort as soon as I tried it out; the bra’s massage function ensured that my breasts were well supported and my breasts quickly became bigger, firmer, and fuller. I love that the design, with its adjustable bra straps, can be worn with a variety of everyday outfits; sometimes I forget to wear it out and about and feel really comfortable.” – Jessica Hessler

“After giving birth, I noticed a decrease in the size of my breasts, and a friend suggested trying the Sugoola™ Bosompop Electric Massager with EMS technology. Consistently wearing this innovative bra resulted in a remarkable transformation – my breasts not only regained their size but also became firmer, boosting my confidence. My husband even remarked on my radiant appearance, and now I feel ready to conquer anything. The best part is that this bra not only addressed the sagging issue but also delivered these amazing, improved results.” – Jodi Thompson

Understanding Breast Sagging

With aging, the Cooper’s ligaments, which provide the foundational support for breast tissue, weaken and lose elasticity. This leads to a decrease in breast volume, particularly noticeable during menopause due to diminished fat and tissue support.

Main Causes Of Breast Sagging

Sugoola™ Bosompop Electric Massager is Ideal For:

How Does The Sugoola™ Bosompop Electric Massager Works?

EMS microcurrent technology enhances blood circulation in the breasts. The Sugoola™ Bosompop Electric Massager employs this technology to promote the growth and lifting of your breasts.

The Sugoola™ Bosompop Electric Massager has a thermal massage function which increases circulation and promotes blood perfusion to the tissues. Through massage, the blood vessels around the breasts are stimulated to dilate, increasing blood flow and promoting the supply of nutrients and oxygen. When the breast tissue receives more blood perfusion, it may theoretically increase cellular metabolism and promote cell growth and proliferation. This may result in increased fullness and elasticity of the breast tissue.


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