Styling Color Pomade

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Styling Color Pomade

Instant color in three minutes, easy to care, easy to wash, provide you with wonderful color and coverage

Independent Hair Coloring

Unique hair color magic, does not damage the hair quality, cares for every strand of hair,Discover your young self, change your hair color easily without fear of age!

 Natural plant material

100% natural ingredients, made form safe herbal ingredients without heavy metals, no scalp irritation and no harm to your health.

Simple Operation

One-time hair coloring formula, easy to apply, easy to achieve independent hair coloring, avoiding time-consuming and expensive trips to barbershops.

Semi-dry coloring after shampooing, the color will not fall off after the hair is dried, suitable for daily use.

blue color wax

Easy to wash and use

It will not form white glue residue on the hair, do not need to worry about cumbersome cleaning. What’s more, our wax is odorless, adding comfort to your hair coloring process.

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