Stainless Steel Gravity Grappling Hook


Stainless Steel Gravity Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook Survival Folding Rock Climbing Claw Multifunctional Tool Tactical Emergency Tool for Outdoor Life

Grappling Hook: Made of solid stainless steel, it is with an ingenious locking mechanism and can double as a gravity hook.


Gravity hook can be used in a variety of scenarios such as camping, hunting, pulling car, etc.

High Quality Grappling Hook

it’s made of solid premium stainless steel, with quality construction and designed to support nearly 200 lbs. This is the real deal!

 2-in-1 Function

This Mini Grappling Hook doubles as a cross between a mechanical gravity claw and a traditional grappling hook.

 Powerful Gravity Claw

Includes gravity hook and a bat gear tie and 2 locking rings

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