Stainless Steel Drain Claw Cleaner


Stainless Steel Drain Claw Cleaner

No more obstructions at the P-traps!

Stainless Steel Drain Claw Cleaner clears the most stubborn clog by catching debris, hair, fabrics, and other items with it ultra slender & long construction.

Designed with a diameter of 0.99cm, it effortlessly fits in the narrowest sewer pipe for picking up small items in narrow space.
The flexible and bendable body can access to all hard-to-reach areas. Easy to use with the pressing handle to grab small objects. Perfect for unclogging kitchen, bathroom, toilet, sinks, bathtubs, shower drain or picking up items in gaps.


  • SUPER NARROW: Designed with a diameter of 0.99cm to fit in any sewer pipe with ease.
    4 CLAWS: Hidden claws for grabbing small objects tightly to unclog your drain.
  • FLEXIBLE: Easily access to all hard-to-reach areas with the tough yet bendable body.
  • SAFE TO USE: Require no harsh chemical or pipe damaging agents to clear a blocked drain.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Great to use in kitchen, bathroom, toilet, sinks, bathtubs and shower drain and more.


  • Material: Stainless Steel, PP
  • Size: 1.6m


  • Stainless Steel Drain Claw Cleaner x 1
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