SPEZE’U first generation satellite signal enhancement patch


SPEZE’U first generation satellite signal enhancement patch

In today’s world, maintaining connectivity is not only a convenience but also a necessity. We are pleased to introduce the SPEZE’U first-generation satellite signal enhancement patch—a stylish, innovative solution designed to enhance the connectivity of your devices.

Why is your cell phone signal suddenly dropping?

Unstable phone signals can be attributed to various factors, including your location, physical obstacles, network congestion, and the condition of your mobile phone.

📍 Location: Being far away from mobile signal towers can often result in weaker signals.
🏙️ Obstacles: Structures such as buildings and hills, as well as trees and weather conditions, may interfere with signal reception.
👥 Network congestion: High user density can lead to network overload.
📱 Phone condition: Older or damaged phones may have poorer connectivity performance.

Our powerful satellite link equipment

In order to address this challenge, SPEZE’U has collaborated with Iridium Communications to transmit signals to the SPEZE’U first-generation satellite signal enhancement patch on mobile devices through global satellite communication services, with a focus on enhancing connectivity in mobile communication and remote areas.

How to use

1. Peel off the patch and stick it to the back of the electronic product
2. 1 tablet each time for mobile phone; 2 tablets each time for iPad; 4 tablets each time for computer

Package includes

SPEZE’U first generation satellite signal enhancement patch

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