Smart USB Charging Heating Scarf


Smart USB Charging Heating Scarf

No more bulky Scarf! Get warm with just one click!

Winter is here and we are here to keep y’all warm! This hassle-free scarf could generate heat on its own via USB, making you feel warm right on the go!
It’s USB powered and the magnetic design allows you to wear and take off in seconds. Now, you can easily sense the heat in just one click without getting tangled by bulky long scarves!
Besides, whether having a painful neck or just feel like you need a warm touch on your neck to relax, this Premium USB Heated Scarf got these for you anytime, anywhere!


Intelligent Heating
Heats up in 3 seconds with an efficient graphene carbon fiber heating system. Intelligent heating settings (42°C-48°C-55°C) to suit your needs.

Comfortable Material
Breathable and ultra-light material. Comfortable and soft cotton with decent elasticity.

Health Benefits
Graphene heating technology and release of 8-9mm far-infrared rays aid blood circulation and help relax tense neck muscles. The position of the heated pad can be adjusted for targeted therapy.

Safe & Human-friendly
The output current is 5V, which is a weak current within the acceptable range of the human body and will not cause harm to the body.

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