Smart Polarized Sunglasses


Smart Polarized Sunglasses

Vision Redefined, A Spectacle of yourself

Looking for a nice pair of sunglasses for outdoor activities? Try this iRosesilk™ Polarized Sunglasses. These innovative sunglasses can darken and return to normal by themselves to help shut down the dazzling sunlight, ensuring your comfortable eyesight at all times.

These glasses were bought for my husband who is visually impaired. The lens color is a gray that is polarized as well as light transitional. His pupils don’t dilate as they should so this has been a huge assist for him. They are very stylish and look great! He says they are very lightweight and comfortable. They make a difference for him as far as eye strain and headaches and that is the huge plus.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Anita Wilson, 43, Norfolk, Virginia

Just got these and tested out. Day time driving I was not expecting the result of not having to use a sun visor. I got them because my eyes are slow to adjust and was having a very hard time driving at night. Just did a night drive and let’s say it was awesome and worked better than anticipated. Night driving is great again too.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Carl Porter, 34, Orlando, Florida

What are polarized sunglasses?

Polarized glasses, also known as polarized lenses, are a type of glass lens that reduces glare and eyestrain in the sun by blocking some of the light from passing through the lens. Polarized lenses have a special chemical applied to them to filter light.

The chemical’s molecules are lined up specifically to block some of the light from passing through the lens. As a result of this filtering, the image you see with polarized lenses is a bit darker than usual. But objects look crisper and clearer with polarized lenses, and details are easier to see. Polarized glasses can be a good choice for most everyday situations.


  • Lens Size: 52mm
  • Height: 38mm
  • Handle: 126mm
  • Weight: 15g
  • Lens Material: TAC Polarizing Lenses Color Changing lenses
  • Colors: Black & Silver

Package Inclusion:

  • 1 / 2 / 4 x iRosesilk™ Polarized Sunglasses
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