SkinFerm Silk Anti-cellulite WhiteningSoap


SkinFerm Silk Anti-cellulite WhiteningSoap

Our SkinFerm Silk Anti-cellulite WhiteningSoap can genuinely help you to whiten your dark skin and help you to make your skin tight!

“So I bought this to lighten up some discoloration on my elbows, armpits, and some minor vitiligo. Let me tell you…I noticed a major improvement with the first use. I’m half Hispanic with light/combination/sensitive skin, and the only symptom I encountered was my skin feeling dry. I’m heavily having dark skin on my hands due to sunburn and noticed the ones on my fingers (where the soap touched) had lightened up a bit. A little goes a long way, but this dissolves quickly. So, if you’re curious about this, I would suggest trying it. Hope this helps!”—Miranda Johnson— 34, New York, New York

“Bought this soap to help clear my neck that’s starting to darken and to clear some acne dark spots on my face. Well let me tell you I did notice a slight change in color therefore with continued use It will lighten up. I put it on my forehead, cheeks and around lip area and a little did get in the corner of my mouth. I will continue to use this product because I did see some changes in skin color.”—Leila Swift— 26, Dallas, Texas

The Whitening Soap, the one prescribed by your dermatologist is now available in SkinFerm Silk Anti-cellulite WhiteningSoap. It contains high grade cosmetic all-natural milk that helps prevent melanin production making skin lighter and clearer. SkinFerm Silk Anti-cellulite WhiteningSoap is effective in diminishing dark spots, freckles, and acne, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and other skin tone disorders.

SkinFerm Silk Anti-cellulite WhiteningSoap was discovered in Japan, it is a byproduct of Koji or Malted Rice used in the production of rice wine. In cosmetics, kojic acid is popularly known for its remarkable whitening effect and antioxidant properties.

Product Specification

  • Net weight: 100g
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Scent: Floral
  • Main ingredients: Castor Oil, Collagen, Milk, Glycerin
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