Six-character mantra lucky charm pendant.S925 silver


Six-character mantra lucky charm pendant.S925 silver

Attract wealth and bring good luck into life

The entire mantra of the Six-character mantra lucky charm pendant is believed to contain symbols of compassion and wisdom. Wearing the Six-character mantra will allow positive energies to surround you, bringing guardianship and good fortune to your path. Rain or shine, the mantra will be your lucky talisman to help you overcome difficulties and move forward on the path of good fortune.

The meaning of the Six-Character Mantra

The Six Character Mantra (མ་ཎི་ཡིག་དྲུག་), also known as the Six Character Mantra of Great Enlightenment, is an important mantra in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, and one of the most widely circulated mantras in Tantric Buddhism. Each symbol has its own special meaning and is rumored to bring incredible power.

ཨའོ་ཨའོ།(Om):represents the origin and existence of the universe, the fundamental vibration of the universe, protected by cosmic energy.
རེད་པ།(Ma)represents the path of cultivation and is the mantra for cultivating compassion and virtue.
བཞིན་ཡོད་།(Ni):represents wisdom, a mantra for overcoming ignorance and cultivating wisdom.
པད་པ།(Pad):represents the lotus flower, symbolizing purity and purification from evil.
མེ་(Me): represents the method, which guides the practitioner to the path of happiness.
ངུར་(Hum):Mantra of great power, used to remove worries and obstacles and to bring good luck.

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