Simulation Baby Doll

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Simulation Baby Doll

Adorable and lifelike, with soft, pliable skin and realistic features. Perfect for imaginative play, nurturing skills, and as a special gift for little ones.


ADORABLE AND REALISTIC – With meticulous attention to detail, this baby doll is crafted to resemble a real baby, with lifelike features and soft, pliable skin that feels realistic to the touch and hair that can be styled and combed.

HARMLESS MATERIAL & FLEXIBLE STRUCTURE – Made from premium vinyl PVC, this doll is harmless, durable, and easily washable. Its flexible structure allows for safe play both indoors and outdoors, without worrying about damage.

PROMOTES CREATIVITY AND IMAGINATION – Playing with this realistic baby doll encourages children to engage in imaginative play, role-playing, and nurturing behavior, fostering their creativity and imagination.

HELPS BUILD EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – Beyond being a toy, this doll helps children develop emotional intelligence by teaching them empathy, communication, and the expression of feelings in a nurturing environment.

PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR GIRL – Whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas, this realistic doll makes an excellent gift for little girls. Its lifelike features and sweet appearance will captivate their hearts and provide hours of joyful playtime.


Type: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07

Material: PVC

Size: 30cm


Simulation Baby Doll * 1

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