SEAGRIL™ Special Volcanic Ash Negative Ion Magnetic Therapy Sorrel Repair Bodysuit

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SEAGRIL™ Special Volcanic Ash Negative Ion Magnetic Therapy Sorrel Repair Bodysuit

I’ve really slimmed down! But it’s not through exercise or diet control, I haven’t even taken any pills, yet it really made me lose weight!” exclaimed Laura joyfully.

Are you often told that exercising more, watching your diet, and controlling intake of high-calorie, high-sugar, and high-fat foods is a healthy lifestyle that leads to a healthy body and slim figure?

Is this really the case? Do you truly believe in this statement?

  • Why do some people enjoy exercising, eat meals on time, and get enough sleep, yet still suffer from various health issues?
  • Why do some people stay healthy and live long despite staying up late, lack of exercise, and consuming high-calorie foods?
  • Why do some people struggle to gain weight no matter how much they eat?
  • Why do some people easily gain weight just by eating a little of what they like?
  • Why do people who lose weight through exercise and training experience rapid weight gain once they stop exercising?

For years, the media and fitness experts have been concealing a fact! These methods do not naturally make your body healthier, whether it’s controlling your diet or increasing exercise. In reality, they are a form of forced intervention, disrupting the rhythm of your body’s intake and expenditure, disturbing your original functions to achieve short-termsuperficially better immediate results. It makes you think you’ve really improved, but in reality, this short-term immediate effect comes with a huge potential cost! The impact of this cost is more far-reaching and severe than you think!

Here are two illustrative examples:

  • Data from life insurance companies on 6000 deceased athletes shows that the average lifespan of athletes is only 50 years old, more than 20 years shorter than normal individuals!
  • On the other hand, slow-moving turtles can live for hundreds of years!

All activities in the human body require energy consumption, and human lifespan is determined by the telomerase of chromosomes. Telomerase is an enzyme protein whose main function is to help maintain the length of telomeres. The length of telomeres is related to human lifespan and health. Individuals with shorter telomeres are more prone to aging-related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and pains, which can lead to a shortened lifespan. When the production rate of telomerase cannot keep up with the consumption rate, it leads to telomere shortening. Exercise and dieting can significantly increase the consumption rate of telomerase, disrupting the body’s original rhythm and balance, leading to rapid telomere shortening, increasing the risk of disease, and significantly shortening lifespan. This is the huge side effect brought about by the vigorous promotion of exercise and dieting for weight loss by experts! Yet, you are still complacent because your body temporarily becomes stronger and your figure more beautiful!

But they won’t tell you the truth… because the health and fitness industry generates billions of dollars in revenue every year! People have been brainwashed for years and even regard this created “health concept” as the truth. Countless ordinary people sacrifice their health and lives to fill the pockets of these capitalist health industry moguls.

You can turn on the TV at any time throughout the day and see dozens of commercials for Weight Watchers and the latest home workout system that confuses your muscles and leads to losing 20 pounds a week…

Or you can just log into Facebook and see the shady customer reps trying to peddle their latest “magic skin wrap” that instantly makes your belly AND your wrinkles disappear in just 30 minutes or less…

These inundating weight loss advertisements showcase the massive size of the health market and the huge industry chain behind it.

But if all these miracle diets, workouts, and pills actually worked…

Then why is over HALF the world still overweight? How do capitalists continue to profit from them?


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