SculptAura™ – Body Sculpting Device

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SculptAura™ – Body Sculpting Device

“I can’t even explain how much SculptAura™ has helped me feel more confident after just 2 weeks of using it. My belly has definitely gotten smaller, my stretch marks are way less noticeable, and my skin feels so much smoother! Seriously, skip the surgery, save your money, and SculptAura™ will be the ‘tell me your secret’ everyone is going to be asking you for!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Isabella Turner
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Unwanted body fat, stretch marks, and loose skin are just some of the inevitable body changes that come with aging. Addressing these changes can be incredibly challenging, and traditional methods like exercise and medical procedures can be ineffective and expensive. These persistent issues can cause insecurity, low self-esteem, and a negative self-body image.

SculptAura™ is a cutting-edge beauty device that effectively combats these frustrating body changes. The powerful vibration waves and rotation deeply stimulates body fat, breaking down fat cells and increasing blood circulation to help achieve a slimmer figure. Experience the joys of a youthful and toned appearance, and regain confidence with a greater sense of self-esteem.


✅ VERSATILE PADS: Each massage pad is uniquely designed to cater to specific goals and target different areas of the body. The orange pads are tailored to remove cellulite, the white pads are great for burning fat, and the blue pads are primarily for getting rid of stretch marks. 

✅ VIBRATION MASSAGE: The vibrational effect generated by SculptAura™ deeply penetrates the tissue of the target area. This deep stimulation aids in the breakdown of fat cells and in the reduction of cellulite, which is the stubborn fat that accumulates beneath the skin over time.

✅ POWER DUO: SculptAura™ was designed to leverage the power of slimming gels and essential oils. Applying oil or cream to the area of interest while massaging helps the skin absorb the product, deeply nourishing the skin and resulting in a more effective session.

✅ POWERFUL ROTATION: SculptAura™ features a rotating head that spins at an impressive 2600 RPM, promoting blood circulation and collagen production. This contributes to the fading of stretch marks and also improves skin firmness, leading to a more youthful appearance.

✅ ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY: The dial built in on the side of SculptAura™ allows for the intensity and speed of the rotating head to be easily adjusted. This allows for finding the optimal level of pressure and vibration that delivers effective pain relief while maintaining comfort.


1. Apply cellulite oil or weight loss cream to the massage area.

2. Plug SculptAura™ into a socket.

3. Rotate the dial to the right to switch SculptAura™ on and select the desired intensity.

4. Place the massage head on the target area and move it around slowly.

5. Enjoy fat loss and say goodbye to stretch marks!

We understand how insecure and self-conscious we can be of our stubborn fat and unwanted cellulite. It can be extremely frustrating not being able to get rid of these body changes, no matter what we try, whether it be dieting or exercising! According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average fat-removal surgery costs at least $3500USD per treatment area!

SculptAura™ is the perfect solution for anyone struggling with unwanted fat, stretch marks, or loose skin. This amazing beauty device efficiently and effectively breaks down fat and fades stretch marks, leading to a more youthful and radiant appearance. Say goodbye to any remaining insecurities and embrace a life filled with renewed confidence and newfound joy!


Length: 8.4 in

Width: 7.5 in

Height: 4 in


(1) x SculptAura™

(6) x Massage Pads

(1) x Instruction Manual

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