RICPIND Play2Video All-in-One Multimedia Car Play Box


RICPIND Play2Video All-in-One Multimedia Car Play Box

Experience limitless entertainment on the go with RICPIND Play2Video All-in-One Multimedia Car Play Box, your all-in-one multimedia companion for every drive.

All-in-one innovation for  car and home entertainment 

Discover the RICPIND Play2Video All-in-One Multimedia Car Play Box, revolutionizing all-in-one technology for seamless car and home entertainment experiences. This innovative multimedia Car Play Box boasts versatility, bringing movies, music, and more to life with unparalleled convenience. Effortlessly switch from car to home, immersing yourself in limitless entertainment, all powered by the latest in all-in-one innovation.


Bluetooth connection

The RICPIND Play2Video All-in-One Multimedia Car Play Box has built-in Bluetooth support, so you can directly connect your phone to screen. 


Suitable for home use

This device seamlessly transitions from car to home, offering an adaptable multimedia experience across various settings. It ensures versatile usage in your residence, promising a rich entertainment hub beyond your car, catering to your family’s multimedia needs. With its flexibility, it transforms any home space into a personalized entertainment arena, delivering a diverse array of content with convenience.

Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto

Capable of identifying your phone’s model, this device seamlessly works with Android and Apple phones, catering to the diverse needs of your entire family. Its intelligent compatibility across platforms ensures a versatile and user-friendly experience for all users, regardless of their device preferences. This feature-rich system accommodates various phone models, providing an inclusive and accessible entertainment solution for everyone in your household.

Three System Switching at any time

Enhancing gaming experiences, the dual-band Wi-Fi coupled with a dual-core processor eradicates lags, ensuring uninterrupted, real-time connectivity during gameplay. This dynamic combination ensures seamless, high-performance gaming without interruptions, guaranteeing a smooth and immersive gaming adventure.

Completely paired with your factory car dashboard

Expertly designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle’s original controls, encompassing voice, steering wheel, touch screen, and knob functionalities for effortless operation and enhanced compatibility. This advanced compatibility ensures a harmonious interface with your car’s native controls, facilitating easy and intuitive usage through various mechanisms like voice commands, steering wheel adjustments, touch screen inputs, and knob operations.

Why chooses this product?

✓ Seamless car-to-home transition
✓ Compatibility with diverse devices
✓ Versatile multimedia entertainment hub
✓ User-friendly interface for all
✓ Effortless setup and operation
✓ High-quality, lag-free experience

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“Absolutely impressed with the RICPIND Play2Video! It seamlessly syncs with our family’s devices, giving us hassle-free entertainment on our road trips. No more device compatibility issues – just pure, uninterrupted fun!” –Amelia Lily

“The RICPIND Play2Video has made our long drives enjoyable! From movies to music, it effortlessly caters to everyone’s preferences. Easy setup and versatile functionality; it’s a game-changer for our car rides!” – Charlotte Williams

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