Ricpind Microcurrent HypertensionRelief Massager


Ricpind Microcurrent HypertensionRelief Massager

Explore a non-pharmaceutical solution to high blood pressure!

Introducing the Ricpind Microcurrent HypertensionRelief Massager – a natural solution to manage your BP and weight. This massager sticker utilizes advanced Pulse Technology to unblock blood vessels, helping to regulate your blood pressure and promote overall health. With no side effects, it’s an easy and convenient way to reduce blood pressure and water swelling.

TENS transcutaneously stimulates nerves for therapeutic purposes. It can stimulate acupoints, delivering low-voltage electricity to the nerves. It significantly improves hypertensionincreasing blood flow, diminishing pain and swelling, and inducing relaxation.

TENS therapy utilizes electrical impulses activating nerves and muscle fibers, mimicking brain signals. This results in stimulates muscle contraction and expansion, in a manner comparable to normal physical activity. It also builds muscle, boosting metabolism & burning fat. It helps create a calorie deficit (burning more than consumed) by cutting cals in diet, exercising & both. Ricpind Microcurrent HypertensionRelief Massager!

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