Reusable self-adhesive false eyelashes


Reusable self-adhesive false eyelashes

Always spend a lot of time on eyelashes?

Try our Self-Adhesive Reusable Eyelashes, which is easy and fast to apply, greatly simplify your makeup process. It is natural like your own eyelashes, and can be reused.

Unlike any normal false eyelashes, and made of natural fiber, you don’t need glue to use this Self-Adhesive Natural Curly Eyelashes!You take it from its case, and just stick it right away! After using it, wash it with clean water, dry it, and you can use it again. It’s literally that simple: peeltrimpress, instant glamour!


【Perfect Packaging】

We choose high-quality crystal hard cases to perfectly protect the lashes and keep them intact and stored back in the crystal case after each use.

【Reusable and Washable】

False eyelashes are reusable and washable, making them more hygienic and healthy to use. They will not fall off even after repeated use(With normal use, it can be used dozens of times over and over again).

【Natural Lashes】

False lashes have a nice curl curve that blends seamlessly with your real lashes, giving you bigger and more attractive eyes. They are as natural as your real lashes, without the feeling of wearing false lashes.

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