Retractable Air Conditioner Deflector


Retractable Air Conditioner Deflector

Say Goodbye To Uneven Cooling Or Heating And Wasted Energy

Avoid Discomfort Caused By Direct Air Conditioning


270° ADJUSTABLE – This deflector provides a wide range of airflow control options. You can easily direct the cool or warm air where it’s needed most, preventing uneven temperature distribution in your living or working space.

STABLE MOUNTING – The brackets won’t weaken or lose grip over time, keeping the deflector securely in place. Once installed, it stays firmly in position, preventing any rattling or noise caused by vibrations or airflow.

DURABLE – Made from thick pp material, it can resist impacts and accidental knocks, enduring minor bumps without cracking or breaking. It is heat – resistant, won’t fade, weaken, or become brittle when placed near windows or in direct sunlight.

HEALTHY AIR – It ensures proper airflow and prevents condensation issues with its densely designed ventilation holes. This feature helps maintain a dry and comfortable indoor environment, providing a healthier circulation.


Material: PP

Color: white

Installation: hole-free, hanging

Size: 60-95cm * 16.5cm / 23.6-37.4 * 6.5inches


1 * Retractable Air Conditioner Deflector

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