Remove Burn Scars Cream Gel


Remove Burn Scars Cream Gel

The sooner to repair scars,the sooner to make them fadingOnly a constant treatment of scars step by step works!

Clinical TrialsEffect of Trust No Age Limit/Scars Can Weaken 

Do you have a scar like this?
Are you still using traditionamethods to remove scars?
Our scar repair creamenhances the skin’s elasticityfor firmer and smoother skinwhile softening. soothing.and repairing skin.

When you know Eelhoeyou can buy it with confidence. Ident ity informat ion!

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After using the 5-for-5 combo,Bruce’s cuts disappeared.

After using the 3-for-2 combo,Rex’s scar is almost gone.

After using the 3-for-2 comboVincent ‘s scar disappeared.

After using the 5-for-5 comboRex’s scar is almost gone.

Product information

Ingredient:Cyclopentasiloxane,poly dimethylsiloxane and so on
Indate:4 years

How to use
Remove the Iid and cut the seal short
Clean skin and apply gently
Let dry andtwice a day

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