RelieveRidge Massager™


RelieveRidge Massager™

Heal Your Neck Permanently

Exhausted from persistent neck pain and stiffness? Does the tension and tightness in your rigid neck result in migraines, headaches, and shoulder pain?

RelieveRidge Massager™ eases the tension in your neck and shoulders, offering relief. Its trigger point design precisely addresses the deep layers of the trapezius area, applying pressure to the exact locations of trigger points.

Unwind knots, alleviate tightness, and encounter serene pain relief in a mere 10 minutes of utilizing RelieveRidge Massager™.

Addressing the Problem by Tackling its Root

Modern technology compels us to spend countless hours staring at screens each day. Coupled with suboptimal posture, this can result in significant stiffness and tension in the neck and upper back region, leading to issues such as neck pain, back pain, migraines, and more.

In contrast to conventional neck massagers, pillows, and traction devices, ReliefRidge uniquely focuses on the trapezius muscle, the culprit behind neck, back, and shoulder pain.

How RelieveRidge Massager™ Works

Most pain is a result of tension, tightness in muscles, and strain on tendons and nerves. And it bundles in trigger points. Trigger points cause discomfort in your shoulders, upper back, neck, and lead to headaches. RelieveRidge Massager is the result of 3 year of anatomical research and innovation. The peculiar lobster shape isn’t for show – it’s precision engineered to match your trapezius muscle, which is home to 14 naturally occurring trigger points. This patented design targets and unlocks these 14 key trigger points to provide lasting relief to upper back, neck and shoulder pain.

Will this fix my specific issue?

With the help of top chiropractors & a team of medical professionals, Esensso took 3 years to develop RelieveRidge and spent thousends of dollars in trialing the design, spacing, depth, and texture of the trigger point nodes alone. RelieveRidge Massager is proven to help against the most common upper back and neck conditions, such as:

• General neck pain

• Stiff Neck Syndrome

• Cervical Spondylosis

• Nerve Compression

• Tendonitis • Arthritis

• Dowager’s Hump

• Tension Headaches

Experience the relief you seek, or your money will be promptly refunded. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

How to Use

1. Lie down or sit down, place the RelieveRidge Massager under your neck, shoulders and back

2. Slowly extend your hands

3. Slowly swing your head

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