RadiantFlake™ 7in1 Keyboard Cleaning Kit

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RadiantFlake™ 7in1 Keyboard Cleaning Kit

Get rid of dust and dirt accumulation on your gadgets

If you have a laptop or computer and you have ever tried to clean it, you’ll be well aware of just how challenging it can be. This is because sometimes, the dirt and dust on your laptop or computer’s keyboard gather in nooks and crevices.With this multifunctional cleaning brush, however, you’ll be able to get the excellent cleaning results you desire. This is because it has a unique split double head design that will allow you to be able to comfortably reach into every crevice on your computer and get rid of every possible dirt there.

Multifunctional Built 

RadiantFlake™ Cleaning Kit has a multifunctional build. You’ll be able to use this multifunctional cleaning kit to clean all sorts of devices such as laptops, keyboards, AirPods, headsets, headset charging boxes, and so much more. The set includes a flannelette, a brush with long, flexible bristles, and a double-headed cleaning pen.

Safe Cleaning

With this multifunctional cleaning kit, however, you’ll be able to enjoy safe cleaning thanks to the fact that its bristles are hard enough to clear off the dirt from your devices yet soft enough to ensure you do not harm your PC while cleaning.


  • Colour: Blue, Pink
  • Material: ABS, silicone, sponge
  • Net weight: 85g
  • Product size: 143 x 44 x 28mm

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